Watching a Spouse Experience 癌症 Can be a Helpless Feeling


It was Business as Usual

All the Emotions Came Rushing Back


Watching a Spouse Experience 癌症 Can be a Helpless Feeling

Watching a beloved spouse experience cancer can be a helpless feeling, especially 在 the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic when people were unable to accompany their loved ones to doctors’ appointments and tests.

Gering resident John Mulholland faced this challenge when his wife, 安妮, 从2020年8月开始感到不适. Over a period of several days, one breast became swollen and discolored. 作为一个12年的乳腺癌幸存者, she immediately went to 澳门官方彩票安卓版’s 紧急 Department where she had a mammogram and biopsy that day, 结果都不确定. Antibiotics were prescribed for a breast infection and 安妮 returned two weeks later for further testing, 因为她的医生确信她体内潜伏着肿瘤.

“The physicians at 澳门官方彩票安卓版 were absolutely relentless as they searched for what they highly suspected was breast cancer,约翰说. “They found the cancer, and 安妮 chose to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. We are so grateful for the incredibly high level of care that she received – from the surgeons and providers to radiology and the billing department, 我们只有积极的接触. 在每一次互动中,我们都感受到真诚的关怀.”

John said that while it was difficult not being with 安妮 在 some appointments and procedures due to COVID-19 restrictions, he trusted her care team to offer support when he physically couldn’t be in the room.

澳门官方彩票安卓版是我们社区的一部分. We know some of her caregivers outside of the hospital setting and we trust them; their care and concern are so real. We chose to stay at 澳门官方彩票安卓版 throughout 安妮’s cancer journey because the people who work there are our friends and neighbors, 底线是, 她受到了很好的照顾.”

John concluded, “So many good things are happening at 澳门官方彩票安卓版. As a community, I feel like we should celebrate that whenever possible.”




2月10日早上,泰森感觉很棒. 他跑了几件差事,然后回家做点工作. 一回到家,他的胸口就像着了火一样. After a few unsuccessful attempts to sooth his symptoms, he headed to 澳门官方彩票安卓版. 观看这段视频,听听泰森的故事.




It was Business as Usual


对杰米·莱弗来说,2月11日的日子It was Business as Usual. 28, 2022. 拖着45头牛去克劳福德, 内布拉斯加州的客户, his semi truck and trailer was the last of four to cross the railroad tracks. 没有灯和扶手的盲目穿越, 杰米说他根本没看见撞上他的火车, ripping the truck’s cab from its frame and sending it flying 60 yards with Jayme inside.

He regained consciousness to hear cattle bellowing frantically. His first thought was getting the cows out of the now burning truck, but found that a.)他的腿动不了.) the truck had flipped upside down and he was sitting on the ceiling.

The Crawford ambulance and 澳门官方彩票安卓版’s Air Link helicopter were dispatched immediately while drivers from the other trucks worked to free the cattle and comfort Jayme. 八头牛在事故中死亡. 他爬出了被撞得稀烂的出租车窗户, 救护车和航空公司的工作人员小心翼翼地照顾他. 杰米被送往澳门官方彩票安卓版, where a full trauma activation was initiated in anticipation of his arrival.

Jayme is grateful for how communicative the Air Link crew was with him 在 the flight to 澳门官方彩票安卓版, 也感谢他得到的快速治疗. 感谢他们, he had an appreciation plaque made and personally delivered it to Air Link early this year.

“The Air Link crew is an amazing, elite group of people,” he said. “没有他们,我可能不会在这里.”

脑出血, 部分萎陷的肺, 八根肋骨断裂, 分离的肩膀, 撕裂锁骨, 头部受伤, 还有右腿的复合性骨折, 杰米的状态很糟糕.

Following surgery, he spent nine days in the hospital, seven of those in ICU. 在轮椅上坐了两个月之后, 他逐渐成长为会走路的人, 然后拐杖, 他的腿还做了两次手术.

杰米说过, 多亏了他的悉心照料, 他能拿出1英镑,事故发生5个月后,他卖掉了1000英亩的干草, 拄着拐杖. 如今,他走路不用搀扶,他说自己感觉“相当好”!”

据杰米说, 在他出事之前,他把许多事情都认为是理所当然的, 现在有了完全不同的人生观. “I can’t say enough good things about everyone at 澳门官方彩票安卓版 who helped me,” he said. “From Air Link to the doctors and nurses and everyone in ICU – they were amazing. 他们救了我的命.” 


All the Emotions Came Rushing Back

When Gering resident Nikki Danielzuk arrived at 澳门官方彩票安卓版 recently for a surgical procedure, all the emotions surrounding her birth experience three years prior came rushing back. She was outwardly calm this time but recalls that her husband Chase was anything but.

妮基说:“我做手术后,蔡斯就崩溃了。. 他边走边去自助餐厅吃点心, two separate 澳门官方彩票安卓版 employees approached him in the hallway to ask if he was okay.”

蔡斯欣赏这些友好的面孔,也分享了他的恐惧. Soon after getting word that Nikki was out of surgery and doing well, one of the employees tracked him down and asked how she was doing. 原来是澳门官方彩票安卓版临时首席执行官梅尔·麦克内亚.

Nikki expressed appreciation for the exceptional care she received before, 在, 在她手术之后. She said that the level of customer service experienced by her, and her husband speaks to the excellence of the hospital staff.

“我的澳门官方彩票安卓版 experience was wonderful from start to finish,” said Nikki. “Chase and I are so appreciative that, as my support person, his experience was great as well.”

妮基生了他们的第二个儿子, 巴雷特, 2020年在澳门官方彩票安卓版的母婴护理中心工作. 她的第一个孩子是剖腹产的, but the plan was to have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) delivery with 巴雷特. 然而, a ruptured uterus 在 delivery changed plans quickly for the late Matthew Bruner, MD, FACOG; Nikki; and the delivery team.

“We were trying to do the delivery naturally, and it was great until it wasn't,” Nikki said. “Dr. 布鲁纳是一位出色的医生,他救了我们俩. The delivery team utilized therapeutic hypothermia (a treatment that lowers a newborn’s body temperature to prevent or minimize brain damage caused by lack of oxygen or another injury 在 birth). They knew not to warm 巴雷特 and instead cooled him to prevent brain damage. 虽然这似乎是最坏的情况, 这是最好的结果.”

巴雷特现在是一个健康、活泼的三岁孩子. Nikki said she and Chase reflect on his birth experience with every milestone he reaches, 尤其是在生日的时候, and she wants people to know about their family’s positive experiences at 澳门官方彩票安卓版.

“We are so thankful for the outstanding care we have received at 澳门官方彩票安卓版,” she said.